Previous Work

Bio-inspired materials

Demand of high performance materials in various sectors is rapidly increasing day by day. In order to fulfil these demands different novel designs are largely investigated by various researchers. I have studied and worked on analyzing critical structural features of teleost fish scales, which can be utilized for developing flexible bio-inspired designs for high performance applications especially in defence and aerospace sectors.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites (FRPs)

FRPs are essential materials for aerospace, automobile, marine and many more industries which majorly requires light-weighted high performance materials. I have more than eight years of experience with FRPs. My research focus is basically related to improving mechanical properties of FRPs by embedding carbon nanotubes, graphene and metallic nanoparticles as a secondary reinforcement. This secondary reinforcement hinders crack generation and propagation at microscopic scale which is a major industrial challenge. Over past few years, I have worked on different manufacturing process such as Infusion process, hot press, hand layup techniques. My current interest is on working with Autoclave manufacturing for bio-inspired designs.

Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes

Nanoparticles like carbon nanotubes show extraordinary mechanical properties. However, limited amount of production by chemical vapour deposition or foresting methods can not provide carbon nanotubes at affordable cost. This research gap can be fulfilled by developing or modifying bulk synthesis methods like arc discharge processes. I have work on synthesyzing multi walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) using pure graphene electrodes. Further, this MWCNTs were used as secondary reinforcement in FRP laminates. This reinforcement of MWCNTs lead significant improvement in different mechanical properties like tensile, compression, flexural, ILSS and impact resistance.

Textile Reinforced Concretes (TRC)

TRC is a new class of building materials in which carbon, basalt or glass woven are used as reinforcement as a replacement of steel rebar. I have worked on TRC with different reinforcements and characterized different mechanical properties with my research team.